Anime Friendship Bracelets

Here you can find a tutorial for making the Your Name bracelet as well as three friendship bracelets for beginners

As you probably know by now, we focus on our website on Kumihimo braiding techniques. If you’re not sure what Kumihimo is, check out our what is Kumihimo page.

We sometimes get requests for guides and tutorials, and we got a couple of requests for Anime bracelets. Anime movies and TV shows are popular worldwide, and many fans become interested in Japanese culture as well as art due to these films (our favorite is Spirited Away). While you can get Anime-related merchandise including bracelets quite easily, there are very few DIY tutorials in English.

So, we aim to help… here you can find a video for braiding a bracelet like Your Name heroine, Mitsuha wore. If you’ve seen this movie, you might also remember her gradnmother teaching her/Taki a traditional braiding technique, much like Kumihimo.

Your Name was a huge hit in Japan as well as other territories, and that is why we chose it.

If you find the video confusing, don’t worry, we also added another video for simpler friendship bracelets.

3 Friendship Bracelets

As promised, we also add a video for 3 friendship bracelets. They are simple yet beautiful and we hope you will enjoy making them!

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