Kumihimo Cords

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When it comes to crafts, it is not just practice that makes perfect. You have to make sure you have the right materials to practice with. There are numerous different tools required in the art of kumihimo such as bobbins and disk. It is possible to make braids even without these tools but there are materials, which are a must such as the kumihimo cords. These are the essence of the craft, and without cords or threads, you can do absolutely nothing. Just like everything else, there are various types of cords available.

It is up to you to choose the best cord from the options at your disposal. Out of the many such as bamboo, satin, rayon, nylon, silk, and so on. Out of all these satin is the best type but one has to remember that satin is not a fabric in itself. It is originally silk, which is woven in such a way that one side is shiny while the other side is dull. You can find various varieties even in satin such as nylon satin and rayon satin. However, on a general basis, satin is the best cord to go for because it is durable, it is shiny, and the end result is beautiful shiny braids, which are hard to get with other types of cords.

You will find both rayon satin and nylon satin in different sizes. There are usually petite, lightweightcord_side, and heavyweight options to choose from. If you go with the petite size, your braid will be about the circumference of a pencil. Lightweight will make braids slightly larger. Heavyweight will obviously make braids a little thicker. Depending on your requirements, you can choose any of the variants.

Rayon satin cords are of very high quality and are shiny and soft. You can make beautiful necklaces, bridal wear, and knotting. Nylon satin cord is also very durable and can make beautiful necklaces too. These threads are ideal for knotting projects too. The difference lies in the sealing process. For sealing rayon satin cords, fraycheck drop can be used. For sealing nylon satin cords, you can simply use flame. Exposing it to the flame for a second is enough.

You can thus buy the required size and the type of cords for your project. Make sure you stick to original and high quality brands so that you have the best threads. These are easy to find and very valuable for your kumihimo projects. Kumihimo is indeed more fun when you have the right threads, which are of high quality and long lasting along with a touch of shine and beauty.

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