What is water Water pearls?

Water pearls, also known as water beads or hydrogel beads, are small beads made of a polymer that can absorb and hold large amounts of water. They are commonly used in floral arrangements and centerpieces as a decorative filler and to keep plants hydrated. They are also used in various crafts, sensory play, and in […]

what is bead board?

A bead board is a tool used in jewelry making to lay out and organize beads before stringing them. It is a flat surface with a grid pattern that allows the user to arrange the beads in a specific pattern or design. The grid pattern on the bead board is typically labeled with letters and […]

Book Review

A Complete Guide to Kumihimo on a Braiding Loom for recommended book at Amazon (click here) My recommendation Kumihimo is a traditional Japanese art form for braiding. Back in the sixth century it was an art form used during Buddhist ceremonies to decorate homes. It has evolved to become very colorful and complicated since. Today, instead […]